What We Offer for Board Game Printing

We would like to offer excellent and high-quality board game printing service as well as competitive price to all the customers.

Board Game & Card Game Production - A Real Bargain

ur Time

With one-on-one professional service and quick response in 24 hours, WinGo are here to facilitate your board game and card game manufacturing making it faster and more time effective. Our online service personnel are experts all with more than five years of customer service experience in the board game production . We believe better communication would guarantee a better business as always.

Quotation- We Can Save Your Money

Our professional engineers would do best to provide you with the most cost-effective and competitive customized solutions. We always care about your feelings and needs as a experienced board game manufacturers.

Product Development-We Realize Your Vision

We offer product concept development, digital sample prototyping, 3D printing and playtesting. In our work, the samples we offer can match more than 90% the standards of finished products. There is so much we could do for you.

Production of Board Game & Card Game Materials - A Real Bargain

Board game production & Card Game Production lined with capacity over 20,000 units per day are here to ensure efficient, flexible and stable production. Meanwhile, quality control department monitors the entire process to manage a perfect outgoing.

Quality Control-We Guarantee Good Products

The process of board game production is under strict quality management to reach optimum results. Quality control personnel inspect every components to ensure high-quality products before shipping to customer.

Transportion- We Save Your Labor

With a network of experienced global shipping partners, we offer various transportation / logistic solutions(by the ocean, air or land) once board game printing completed for shipping to ensure your games arrive safely and on time. Our unique shipping project “factory to consumers”-F2C makes it possible to delivery games to players directly. Besides, we offer 1-month storage service with a warehouse of 300㎡ at no extra charge.

If you need any other information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WinGo’Minimum Order Quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 1,000 units. Let your WinGo account manager know if you have any special requirements.

What sort of samples do you provide? Digital, PPC, etc? Do you have a sample kit of your previous work that you can send?

For the sample, we provide digital printing sample for your checking before mass production

The digital printing sample is around 95% matching the mass production. Sample kit is available for quality review, please check with our account manager to obtain one from WinGo

What is your production timeline for final proof approval? How long does it take?

Once the sample is approved, we will need around 35 days to get the mass production ready and the exact production timeline depends on the order quantity.

Do you include any extra components with the games in case of missing parts/damaged parts?

We will supply extra components for you. Usually all of remaining components after production will be freely provided and the quantity will not be less than 1%.

What is your typical error rate in the final shipment?

WinGo strictly follows the AQL or higher standard to ensure the products are made accurately

To the contract product. Each project has an experienced QC team dedicated to ensure theproduct quality meets the client requirement & International safety & environmental standards.

We provide all pre-production testing including print layout, film output, print process, surface treatment, etc. A sample of the final product will be presented for review and feedback. Our QC team meticulously reviews the products throughout production. After the final inspection in accordance with our quality control system and a third party inspection involved as requested, products will be ready for shipment after all quality check passed.

When producing your games, do you produce them in accordance with federal safety regulations such as CPSIA, ASTM and EN-71?

Yes, all raw materials being used for production are fully complied to EN71, ASTM or CPSIA. If your games are intended for ages 13+ in the US and 14+ in Europe typically do not require safety testing, if not, Customs may ask you to provide safety test certificate when the games entering their country. WinGo has a long-term and reputable cooperative test partner and canarrange test for your games at very competitive prices.


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