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2021 Manufacturing Benefit!



Dear Friends,

2020 has been such a tough year, but we are so happy that you are staying so good! At the height of the epidemic, WinGo tried everything to carry out production in an orderly manner while ensuring the safety of our employees, to ensure the delivery of games to our partners. Even in such harsh environment, WinGo has increased the number of new projects by 25% this year! This would not be achieved without your constant support and trust; we feel so much gratitude. smile


WinGo has received a lot of positive WOM from our global partners in 2020 (please see:, which make us so

proud of what we’ve been doing for 12 years! In 2021, WinGo will strive to provide you with the best service, products and the most favourable price. Thank you for everything, my friend!


In return for your continued support, we would like to offer a special Spare Parts Gift for your next order in 2021! To get the Gift, please save the code: WINGO2021 and show it when contacting us (your existing personal engineer or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) . Your code will be activated once we get your message and you will have up to 5% Spare Parts!


We wish you and the loved ones a Wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! Please staying safe and healthy, let’s make your business better and better!


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WinGo Games, established in 1992, took shape from its paper printing business. It was transformed into a professional board game manufacturer in 2008 by CEO Leon, being named officially as WinGo. WinGo is an international manufacturer of tabletop games, plastic miniatures and other game accessories covering the services of production, distribution and sales.

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