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Fantastic! Unboxing video from Evil Corp

Fantastic! Unboxing video from Evil Corp

As the main project engineer (manufacturing) of the Evil Corp, I am very proud to have such a treasure during my years of work with over 100 board game projects since I joined WinGo in 2017. The creation of Evil Corp is terrific. These mini accessories and the Centerpiece make me integrate the storage and game accessories, the setting of the trapezoidal basic game box beyond imagination, and the Monopoly version of the hand box. We were all surprised by the excellent use of black elements!

This is not only a production run but also a chance allowing me to encounter excellent game. Every single detail needs to be communicated/confirmed again and again. With strict production standards, also provide professional advice to customers in the process of realization. As our CEO Leon said, we are not perfect people, but we must always spare no efforts and strive for better results. In the process of making a game, from prototyping to production, from shipping to fulfillment; it is like bringing up a baby, we put a lot of energy, efforts, patience and affection on it . WinGo's goal is to stay true to our roots, provide the best solutions and service for our for our partners!


Finally, many thanks to our partner Allix & Alfie's for the trust all over the cooperation and the beautiful WOM!


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