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WinGo Games Wins a Bid of EWA!

WinGo Games received a "Notice of Winning a Bid" issued by The Energy & Water Agency, confirming that the company has became the successful bidder for the Printing and delivery of Card Game project.


Basic information of the Project

Name of the Project: Printing and delivery of Card Game

Tenderee of the Project: The Energy & Water Agency


Description of the Project:

The game sets will be used for educational purposes and shall be distributed to local schools as part of an educational package. 

The Energy and Water Agency (EWA) is a Government Agency established in LN 340/2016 within the Ministry for Energy and Water Management. Set up in 2014 the Agency is tasked with formulating and implementing Government's national policies in the energy and water sectors, aimed at ensuring security, sustainability and affordability of energy and water in Malta.

EWA pays close attention to sustainability and security, which leads to strict examination for bidders.

Winning the bid and starting work with EWA is a great honour to WinGo Games.

It is also a recognition of WinGo Games's product quality and service.


Founded in 1992, WinGo Industry Ltd is a leading tabletop game manufacturer in China.

With 12 years of the professional board game and card game production, WinGo Games is able to support all kinds of board game&card game production needs.


WinGo Games will treat each Project rigorously, cherish the trust of each partner, and try our best to provide partners with the best service & high-quality.

Forming an excellent cooperative relationship of sustainable development with our partners is what we insist on always.


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