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WOM from ‘Buy the Vote’

Got the WOM again! We never get tired of hearing compliments from our partners!

The recognition and appreciation from you are what keeps each of us moving forward.

It is your generous praise that fills us with passion when working on every single game!


Over the years, the WOM we've received most are Professional and considerable service, effective communication, reasonable price, punctual delivery, fantastic product quality, Etc.

We are so proud to be praised in this way, and indeed,  as a professional tabletop game manufacturer for 12 years, our partners' recognition is our lifelong goal!


In terms of the game per se, as David said, 'Buy the Vote' is one of the few election-themed games that had a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

Please check it out at:

It is a 15-minute bidding game where players pretend to be Presidential candidates in order to win states by cleverly spending their campaign dollars.

The game takes just 3 minutes to learn. It is a game of evolving strategy, game theory, human psychology, and politics (all in one).

You'd love this!


Again, thank you, David, for trusting us in manufacturing your fantastic game!

BTV is like a kid we raised together, and we're so proud to see it became such a success!

We are always looking forward to receiving WOM from our partners.

If you want to share your opinions, please feel free to write to your one on one engineer. Your evaluations are always treasured!


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