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Do We Sell Games Or Not?

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This is an email we received days ago that requesting to purchase the game from WinGo. We feel really happy and honored when the viewer is attracted by the games displayed on our official website showcase. As a professional board game manufacturer, we are committed to help our partners making their games come true. However, we DO NOT have the right to sell our partners’ games unless we are officially authorized by them to distribute the games.

The copyrights and selling rights of the games displayed in our showcase are owned by our partners. As such, if you are interested in any of those games, we would be more than happy to introduce you to our partners! This is how we replied to the viewer:



For 13 years, We have gained more than 500 long-term partners around the world, which is inseparable from the cooperation philosophy we firmly believe in : loyalty, mutual trust and commitment. We will always protect the rights and interests of our partners, and we promise that all infringements will never happen in our cooperation. 

We apologize If we make the viewers mistakenly believe that the games displayed on the website (showcase) can be purchased from us. We will make it more clearer to the viewers in the future, thank you for your understanding and support!


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