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Founded in 1992, WinGo Industry Ltd. has more than 25 years of experience in board game production, printing card game materials, producing plastic miniatures and other game accessories, rolling out more than 300 titles every year. We have advanced factory, employing more than 150 board game veteran staff dedicated to board game manufacturing, card game manufacturing, quality management, customer service, and project management. We offer“one-stop” service, including complete service pack for your projects to help you with board game printing, artwork design, product prototypes production, certification, manufacturing, shipment, and more.


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How WinGo grows up?

  • 1992:

    WinGo was established as a board game manufacturers by a team consisted of senior engineers who once worked for listed companies.They were rich with professional knowledge and practical experience of manufacturing and production. This became a solid foundation for the development of the company.

  • 2008:

    WinGo officially entered the board game manufacturing industry, focusing on overseas market. Founder Leon created the business model of “production plus marketing”.

  • 2012:

    With a turnover of more than 10 million yuan, the company established a good reputation in the industry and became a well-known manufacturing brand overseas.

  • 2016:

    235 projects were finished with an annual increase of 24% year-on-year;

    3.95 million sets of products were produced, a 1.6% of increase year-on-year.

  • 2018-2020:

    12 years as a golden supplier in Alibaba;

    WinGo factory’s capacity grew at 300%;

    3000 sets of Designer Kit1,Designer Kit 2 and Component Pack were successfully launched and distributed worldwide (the world's first). WinGo became a trailblazer in this field.

What WinGo Expects in the Future

We intend to increase our share in overseas market and speak for "made in China".

We will help promote the development momentum of China's board game industry with WinGo's 12 years of professional experience. We will introduce board game to multiple fields including family entertainment, children's education and social science. Hopefully, we will cooperate with colleges and universities to build a talent base to help produce innovative talents for the country.

WinGo's Factory

Founded in 1992, WinGo Industry Ltd. is a leading tabletop game manufacturer in China.


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WinGo Games, established in 1992, took shape from its paper printing business. It was transformed into a professional board game manufacturer in 2008 by CEO Leon, being named officially as WinGo. WinGo is an international manufacturer of tabletop games, plastic miniatures and other game accessories covering the services of production, distribution and sales.

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