“WinGo has proven to be a very solid solution for us at The Flux Capacity for our game printing needs!

With our first game now complete, we are looking forward to working with WinGo in the future. They have exhibited a good level of communication and their professional attitude towards the manufacturing process is a huge assent in ensuring that we are able to being a high quality product to market.”

Josh Bricker, CEO – The Flux Capacity

“Wanted: Igor! was our first of (hopefully) many board games, and WinGo has helped us make it possible. WinGo was there the whole way to answer questions and to help us inexperienced game developers bring our game home. They are flexible, interested in what they are doing and go out of their way to help where they can. The game both looks and feels awesome, and we’re very happy with the quality of both the print and the components. It’s been a real pleasure working with them and we are already working on our next project and we look forward to working with them again when it’s ready.”

Anders Lystad Brevik – Kvasir Games I/S

“I’m very happy with the quality products that WinGo provided me with. The quality of the game cards and game board is just amazing. Not only that, but the custom injection molds that they did for my cyclist statues are just breathtaking. WinGo made the injections with so many details and precise finish. Also communication and delivery of the product were excellent which made the WinGo Company to pleasure to work with.”

Marcin Wojcik — Atlantic Container Service LLC

“We knew close to nothing about producing boardgames when we contacted WinGo and other boardgame manufacturers. WinGo was not only the fastest to answer but by far the most helpful and friendly. They were patient with our questions and it became clear to us that their strong point was customer service. They worked with us through dozens of emails and ensured that every little detail was how we wanted it to be. We got one copy of our game shipped to Finland so we could be sure of the quality before mass production.

In addition to the manufacturing service, WinGo was able to arrange transportation and laboratory testing for the CE mark that is important for Europeans. We just gave them an address in Finland and the games arrived. It was that easy. I called customs and they told me all the paperwork was in order – there were no delays or extra fees for us to pay.

If you need to get a boardgame done, I sincerely recommend using WinGo services!”

Jere Linnanen – CEO of Eduplus Ltd.

“Wingo is awesome!  I’m new to the gaming industry and was afraid my one man company, Dog Breath Games, wouldn’t be able to find a supplier capable of producing games of high quality within my price range.  With Wingo not only did a great looking game at a great cost they also took the time to explain my options and answer my questions at every step in the process (and believe me, I had a lot of questions).  To top it all off they even fixed issues I had with the sample at no additional cost.  Great company.  Great product.  I’m very satisfied.”

Lee Kress – Dog Breath Games LLC