“Two things really made WinGo stand out from the others in the early parts of our projects. For one, they responded very quickly to my requests for help, my questions, and my need for budgetary quotes. It was not out of the ordinary for me to write an email to them and receive a response within one or two days. Secondly, they were very knowledgeable of their business and the process. If there was a better solution than what we proposed, they would tell me. WinGo was also very would have achieved with every other company.

When it actually came down to production, quality was top notch! From the quality of the miniaturers to the way they packaged the games and cartons for freight shipping , we were extremly pleased. With nine pallets being transported all the way from China to the United States, not a single carton of games was damage. This is a tribute to their experience. Our backers and customers have been very pleased with the quality of the games! While there have been some customers with a missing piece here and there, those have been VERY few in number compared to the number of games that were shipped out .

All in all, our exprience with WinGo have been very positive, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to another designer. If anyone has any questions about the process, I would be happy to answer them and explain our experience in greater depth.

Thank you, WinGo, for helpping RAINN Studios to get our first product off the ground!”

Seth Robinson
RAINN Studios, partner



“I ordered a pre-run production to our carefully selected(among many) manufacturer WinGo Industry Ltd to be sure that they were able to manufacture the board game and specifically the most challenging high-quality plastic piece: the letter tile.
Wingo Industry Ltd invested a lot of time and technical expertise in producing the perfect letter tile and all other components. Their dedication and high level of competence have really made a difference. “

Michel Nizon – Creator of WordTov

Paris, the 16th of October 2014


“WinGo was fantastic to work with. The team was responsive and quick to answer questions. They were very knowledgeable about manufacturing and made good suggestions for the components when I wasn’t sure what  would be best. I would definitely recommend WinGo to any up-and-coming game publisher.”



Ryan Smoker

Principal of The Infantree

“Working with WinGo was a real pleasure. Overall quality is great and the communication is perfect. The team is always willing to help and resolve any problem quickly.
I will definitely recommend them. Special thanks to Mark and Shirley, you were great my friends.”


“Wingo Games( http://www.wingogames.com/ )manufactured the Yushino board game in China. At first we were wary of collaborating halfway across the world, but they were very professional from the start, they delivered exactly what they promised, and we only had to go through one QA iteration: we received a prototype, made some changes, they were implemented in the final product. They even took care of shipping and insurance! Highly recommended!”


Yiannis Tsiounis, Ph.D.
CEO, Yushino LLC