WinGo Games have to be the ultimate games manufacturer.  I am a self publishing  author and wanted a board game to complement my illustrated children’s book ‘The Rainbow Chicks’.  Bearing in mind the setting-up costs of machinery etc, a small order is generally not undertaken by a manufacturer of this calibre.  However, they took me on as a client and patiently guided me through my quotation requirements (none of which I understood) until that wonderful day when my games were being boxed-up ready for shipping.  But their client care didn’t end there; when my games were held up by Customs, WinGo contacted the courier company to try and speed up the process.  My games arrived yesterday, all securely packaged, and how excited was I to open one.  The colour reproduction was spot on. All 36 playing pieces fitted snugly into their sliders and then into the sturdy bespoke storage tray. Playing cards can sometimes be too flimsy, but not when made by WinGo Games. I cannot praise their customer care enough; going that extra mile to make sure my game was of the highest quality and how I wanted it to be.


It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Wingo Games. I had an idea for a board game but had no idea where to begin. I am a stay at home mum of three children living in Australia with no experience in the games industry or printing/manufacturing industry.

As I searched the internet I came across Wingo games. I was a little hesitant in contacting them as I was unsure how good our communication would be and also I wasn’t even really sure what to ask them. I sent a letter to Wingo briefly explaining my idea and it was the best move I made. They were so helpful from day one. There was no communication barrier. They sent out a sample game so I could see the quality and types of card that I may want to use for my own game. They responded to all my questions very promptly and efficiently. They gave me advice, options and feedback. Together we finalised my game. They sent me a sample of my own game and it was very exciting. It was perfect. The quality was better than I imagined for such a great price!

Production started almost immediately after I approved the games and Wingo communicated with me daily to keep me updated on the progress. They helped organise testing to ensure it met Australian standards and even helped with shipping contractors. Whilst in transit, Wingo continued their excellent customer service by checking in to see if there was any other help I needed and to make sure the games arrived safely at my end. When the games arrived I was very pleased to see how professional they were packaged and boxed together. We have not had a problem with quality control and every game sold so far has had no issues.

As I showed my family and friends what I had made they were very surprised. They could not believe that I had made a game, and got it printed, boxed and ready to sell. They told me how professional they were and asked how I did it. I told them about Wingo and they were even more surprised that I had them made overseas, and that there were no communication problems. I could not have made these games so well if I did not find Wingo.  They are a professional company who pride themselves on effective communication, respect, quality and friendships. They are a top competitor on price, quality and efficiency.

Thank you so much team Wingo, I recommend you to anyone wanting to make a game or similar and can assure them they will not be disappointed.

Yours sincerely and forever grateful,



-Colourful Learning

“It was a pleasure working with WinGo. They were very professional and also extremely responsive.
Speed of response was one of the main reasons we decided to work with WinGo. Whenever I had questions or problems, I could always expect a prompt answer, even during off hours and weekends.
Of course the production quality was excellent. Everything, from the initial quote until the moment we got our hands on our product, went smoothly and were handled professionally.
I highly recommend WinGo to others and I have no doubt that we will continue to work with them in our future projects.”


“WinGo was fast, courteous, professional at all times, and a true joy to work with.  Will for sure do business with them again, would recommend them first to anyone in the industry!”

Aaron belmer
Magic house games 

“Two things really made WinGo stand out from the others in the early parts of our projects. For one, they responded very quickly to my requests for help, my questions, and my need for budgetary quotes. It was not out of the ordinary for me to write an email to them and receive a response within one or two days. Secondly, they were very knowledgeable of their business and the process. If there was a better solution than what we proposed, they would tell me. WinGo was also very would have achieved with every other company.

When it actually came down to production, quality was top notch! From the quality of the miniaturers to the way they packaged the games and cartons for freight shipping , we were extremly pleased. With nine pallets being transported all the way from China to the United States, not a single carton of games was damage. This is a tribute to their experience. Our backers and customers have been very pleased with the quality of the games! While there have been some customers with a missing piece here and there, those have been VERY few in number compared to the number of games that were shipped out .

All in all, our exprience with WinGo have been very positive, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to another designer. If anyone has any questions about the process, I would be happy to answer them and explain our experience in greater depth.

Thank you, WinGo, for helpping RAINN Studios to get our first product off the ground!”

Seth Robinson
RAINN Studios, partner