It has been a pleasure working with WinGo. They have produced two games for me now and both have been top quality, reasonably priced, and the customer service for the production has been superb. I am not even considering another company for my next game as I have been extremely happy with the services they have provided me. I cannot recommend them enough.

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Dan Letzring

Letiman Games LLC

WinGo was a great company to work with in getting our first big game, CHAOS OF CTHULHU, manufactured in a timely fashion after our successful Kickstarter campaign. We had originally selected another company, but they dropped the ball big-time. WinGo was able to step in and seamlessly handle the complicated dice manufacturing with great communication and competitive pricing. We are very happy with the final product, as are our backers. I highly recommend WinGo as one of the best manufacturing companies out there for indie game production!

Travi's Signature

Travis Watkins

Owner, Imp House Game Company

WinGo is a fantastic company to work with and I’m very happy to have found them as I was working to complete my Kickstarter for the WEB OF SPIES board game.


Not only were they very responsive, but also patient and helpful throughout the process. I could not have achieved such high quality without them. Communication was excellent and they were quick to surface any issues that arose, which allowed me to keep my backers informed and happy, and ultimately ship the game on schedule! I cannot recommend them enough, and I look forward to printing my next game using their services.



Cole Medeiros

Creator of WEB OF SPIES

Cole Medeiros Games

Boereplaas, the board game, wants to convey its sincere appreciation to WinGo for fantastic service and quality in manufacturing of our board game. We are a first time board game developer in South Africa and was obviously hesitant to use a manufacturer so far from our shores.


What brilliant service we got from WinGo sales team. From the first day WinGo sales team understood exactly what we needed, made recommendations and was an instant replier to our e-mails as well as skype conversations.


The level of commitment, professionalism and diligence from WinGo sales team and off course the other hard-working staff behind the scenes at WinGo. made board game manufacturing easy and even more easy to import board game from the Far East.


All the games were delivery well within our time limits and as they are selling very good in our country. It is all testimony to the excellent quality that WinGo has manufactured.




Kind regards


Boereplaas Developer

Pretoria, South Africa

I just want to say from the first moment I started working with WinGo Games they have treated me with respect and kindness. They have done my first game and I, being a beginner, didn’t have the slightest idea what to do. They went through every step with me. They were prompt on response time. They were wonderful helping me with the shipping. I can’t say enough about what they have done for me. These are some of the reasons they will be doing my next game and the one after that.

Thank you so much.

Penny Urman