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How to Make Plastic Miniatures

Trending in the market now is an increasing use of plastic miniatures for tabletop games. As a game designer, plastic miniatures may be taunting to you if you are not familiar with the process of the production. Fear not! We will show you how we can help you make miniatures from just a simple concept, using a number of well controlled steps.

Step 1: Provide us with the character’s concept art and/or illustrations for sculpting references.
Our 3D modeler will sculpt digitally to produce a 3D model file.

Creation of Plastic Miniatures_[1]

Step 2: We will send you pictures in various point of views around the model for your approval.
Revisions will be made at this point to ensure it fits your requirements. Also, to make sure the production process is efficient.


Step 3: Fine tune and finalise the 3D digital model. 

You are now all prepared to make the master copy of your model.

Creation of Plastic Miniatures_[3]

Step 4: 3D print the digital file with a 3D printer.
When a 3D model is freshly printed there will be a lot of remnants and rough edges. Our sculptors will meticulously file the rough edges, polish the model and sharpen the details on the model. Your very first detailed physical model is born. (**If you already have a physical 3D model with sufficient level of details, you can skip Step 1 to 4 and start the process directly from Step 5.**)

Creation of Plastic Miniatures_[4]

Step 5: Make duplicates of the master model.
During the casting of the mold, your physical model needs to be physically broken down and destroyed to achieve high level of details. Duplicates will be made out of your master model to facilitate this process. It helps to improve construction and identify undercutting spots for better mold release.

Creation of Plastic Miniatures_[5]

Step 6: Set up the injection mold.
Mold casting requires a series of complicated chemical, electrical and physical processes. It is proceeded by intricate and complex machinery and takes approximate 35 days to complete a full set of steel mold. Necessary revisions and modifications will be implemented during a number of test runs prior to the completion of the mold. After the mold is finally done, a pre-production sample will be produced from the mold to confirm quality of the model.

Creation of Plastic Miniatures_[6]

Step 7: Release mass production and proceed with the injection process.
Quality inspections are done during injection cycles and assemble/gluing process. This is where an army of your miniatures are completed.

Creation of Plastic Miniatures_[7]

Step 8: Package the miniatures.
A final inspection will be done to ensure the production is finished in the highest quality. Then, they will be packed according to how you will like it to be. Your miniatures are now ready for the tables. Enjoy and have fun!

Creation of Plastic Miniatures_[8] Creation of Plastic Miniatures_[9]