The fun never stops

Right after Essen Spiel’18, our WinGo team quickly made their way to Shanghai for the WePlay Shanghai Convention where we were met with buzz rivalling that at Essen!

We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of constructive feedback we received and the passion we felt from the community here in China. Homeland pride!  Of course, all the feedback received will be put to good use by the DK tea

The DK Team also came out with some examples of how the DK could be used to create your ideal game. We also showcased some of our manufactured games in hopes that users can feel the quality of our products firsthand!

We also had a great opportunity to have a chat with well-known Chinese board game enthusiast, 雪梨夫妇 who expressed her excitement towards the upcoming DK2 and how it could really help grow the game designing community. This will certainly not be the last we see of her in the scene!

Finally, catch us on our Designer Kit where we hope to grow the designing community through meaningful discussion and interaction!


Post time: 11-12-2018