Surplus of Popes Shipped to Customer

With customer’s trust, we completed a funny and easy to learn party game. One of the projects in WinGo 2016 production schedule. Now, let us give a brief introduction of the game: who among you is the coolest Pope to ever Pope? Find out with this easy-to-learn and ever easier to enjoy party game. We believe you’re all popes!

Next, show time… Find out more fresh pictures of the game box, board, dice and card, and the on-site production of card game!

Surplus of Popes-card game printing-WG1157-01

Surplus of Popes-card game printing-WG1157-02

Surplus of Popes-card game printing-WG1157-03

Surplus of Popes-card game printing-WG1157-04

Surplus of Popes-card game printing-WG1157-05

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Post time: 10-14-2016