Release! Designer’s Kit!

WinGo has something big in the works!

WinGo Games is proud to present the Designers Kit! Packed into the Designer’s Kit you will find guidance about the manufacturing procedures, artwork design and layout plus much more. Contents including basic components of a game.

Does this inspire you to create?

Supplies at GenCon will be limited. Visit us at booth 3011 or the FEPH Room 107-110 to get your FREE Designer’s Kit!





Game Board:

A sample game board to demonstrate a high standard production technique for a game board, also with outlines of components to be designed on a game board.


Mini Cards:

Indicates sample technological standard of game card production, with a series of guidance on how game cards would be designed.


Game Cards:

There are 3 types of sample cards in the kit, showing different crafts in making cards. E.g. corner types, linen finished surface. Etc.


Tuck-in box:

Common used as a card holder, can be opened from both sides. The box shows an embossing result on the surface.



Tokens are printed on a thick board showing the cuttings and layouts, as well as designing.



With full and detailed instructions of designing a game!



2 D6 dices with blue marble effect on the surface, engravings on each side with different colors.



Sample meeples provided in 3 different colors, custom shaping and laser cut technique applied.



Coin produced with custom design, ancient bronze color.


Acrylic Cubes:

A replacement/add-on high transparency component for your game.



Miniature can be produced with high end detail, durable material, customized color.

Post time: 07-25-2017