• 3D Printing Service is Now Launching

    3D Printing Service is Now Launching

    Post time: 04-26-2015
    Bring your idea to reality – a quick, accurate and detail prototype set up for your plastic game pieces, send us the 3D diagram and let’s just PRINT it out. Different type of material – Nylon, PC and ABS is feasible. Suitable for small production lot – you have several pieces as special rewards to gamer? Just PRINT it out.    
  • WinGo at Internationale Spieltage Spiel-Essen,Germany (Oct.2014)

    WinGo at Internationale Spieltage Spiel-Essen,Germany (Oc...

    Post time: 10-16-2014
    WinGo at Spiel 14. set up a face to face meeting there, pls call +  86-13823528927 or email to   You can get more updates via  .      
  • Seeing is Believing-the Ture WinGo Team

    Post time: 07-25-2014
    Let’s show you around of the whole WinGo Company, get impressive of a game manufacturing expert since 1992. We hereby send our greatest thankful to our customer – David Malki, spent valuable time for us to make this wonderful video, get more people familiar with WinGo.
  • Success Story – WinGo Industry Limited
  • New Printing Machine

    New Printing Machine

    Post time: 05-03-2014
    WinGo is proud to announce the purchase of our new printing machine, the Rowland 700 which replaces our previous machine, the Rowland 200. The Rowland 700 allows WinGo to meet the ever increasing needs of our clients by providing next generation printing capabilities and accuracy.  
  • Customer Inspection

    Customer Inspection

    Post time: 05-03-2014
    We were honored to recently host one of our German customers who visited our offices and facility. Our client closely monitored our production and operations process. Afterwards, our client met with Mr. Lau and praised him for the quality job Wingo did, the professionalism of his staff, and cooperation on new projects.