• Congratulations to Our Japan Office!

    Congratulations to Our Japan Office!

    Post time: 07-26-2016
    Congratulations! What a remarkable accomplishment! BORAD GAME MAKING KIT SERIES FUNDED!!!! It has happened!!! The kit has funded over the JPY¥ 600,000+ mark and is still growing, with 3 days left on Camp-fire! If anyone would still like to pledge for the kit, follow the link to the CAMP-FIRE page. A huge thanks to Mr. Hiroyuki Okinoi and SO MANY backers in this first-time journey! As a representative of WinGo in Japan, Mr. Hiroyuki Okinoi will be responsible to expand WinGo’s marketing share business and explore all the strategic alternatives in Japan. Hope to bring more and more high-end quality games to Japanese game geek! Here is the detailed office address sharing with you: WinG...
  • Let WinGo pack and ship your games – Fulfillment by WinGo

    Let WinGo pack and ship your games – Fulfillment by WinGo

    Post time: 07-21-2016
    Recently, many publishers are launching their games on a crowdfunding platform to promote their new games. In the meanwhile, fulfillment is one of the most headaches. If you choose WinGo as your trusted manufacturer, you will never have this problem. Because Fulfilment is one of the crowdfunding platform services that we offer to our customers. Just take a look into following steps to see how the process works. Step 1: Ask for a shipping quote for you game. You just need to provide country codes and the quantity of your games to each country. Step 2: Collect a shipping list to us. WinGo will check for the detail delivery information and print out the shipping labels. It will be sure to get each parcel delivered correctly and al...
  • We Are In Essen–2016

    We Are In Essen–2016

    Post time: 07-21-2016
    Goodbye Spiel! Goodbye Messe Essen! Spiel 2016 is in the history books: The world’s largest trade fair for toys and games and offers the unique opportunity to receive full and detailed information on the complete national and international games offer, where over 174,000 people converge on Essen! Thanks for all that visited, communicated with us, and thanks to all of you who are reading this and giving us the support! WinGo is professional card game and board game manufacturer since 1992, so we meet many customers which have booth in Essen. Thanks Spiel Essen 2016 give us the opportunity to communicate with our customers face to face! Goodbye Spiel! Goodbye Messe Essen! Hope to see you all next year!   Oct.16,2016  ...


    Post time: 05-26-2016
    More customers’ Kickstarter campaign were funded recently, WinGo is proud of being part of customer’s project team, here they are: DISTURBED FRIENDS, POSTHUMAN,NOVA CRY, Alienation, SHADOWSTAR – CORSAIRS and so on… Following are some hot new Kickstarter projects which will be printed by WinGo Games: Battleborn Legacy – An Epic Struggle for Dominance!   TAU CETI: Planetary Crisis  Scuba – The Board Game  The Opulent  Ghostel: The Board Game  Small Star Empires For more tips on marketing your project, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at or talk to us directly via Skype: wingogames
  • What was board game process like, designing and manufacturing?

    What was board game process like, designing and manufactu...

    Post time: 05-06-2016
    Just like Jacob’s testimonials, even they were doing some new things we hadn’t done before, and always checking with the engineering team when there were specific details needing our input. Even with the 12-hour time zone difference, our communication and detail was very fast. Quick, detailed, helpful responses are always our working method. Will you send a challenge to us to step up big-time together? Welcome!
  • How we make a prototype ?

    How we make a prototype ?

    Post time: 01-07-2016
    In case you’re concerning about the process about making a prototype, please follow our step to take a visit in our workshop, we will show you how does a perfect prototype being made from original artworks.   Step 1, Our graphic specialist will get all artworks composed according to actual die cut arrangement and place appropriate amount on a standard paper.   Step 2, Use our mighty printer to get amazing print sheets on corresponding paper or cardstock, the color of printer is preset to make your prototype closed to final production 95-98%.     Step 3, Our engineer will take narrow examination on each components to make sure the size is correct also to confirm every image matches its original position, any...