Let WinGo pack and ship your games – Fulfillment by WinGo

Recently, many publishers are launching their games on a crowdfunding platform to promote their new games. In the meanwhile, fulfillment is one of the most headaches. If you choose WinGo as your trusted manufacturer, you will never have this problem. Because Fulfilment is one of the crowdfunding platform services that we offer to our customers. Just take a look into following steps to see how the process works.

Step 1: Ask for a shipping quote for you game. You just need to provide country codes and the quantity of your games to each country.

Step 2: Collect a shipping list to us. WinGo will check for the detail delivery information and print out the shipping labels. It will be sure to get each parcel delivered correctly and all the information of customers will be kept as confidential.

Step 3: Pick and Pack. We will use different packaging material for games in different size. For example, plastic bubble pack for small sized card game and corrugated carton box for regular sized board game.

Step 4: Ship out packages. WinGo has many global partners to help you in fulfilment. It will take approximate 15 days for delivery to most of countries.

Trust us! Write an email to us and get your own fulfillment done!

Click  http://www.wingogames.com/kickstarter-service-pack  for more info.

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Post time: 07-21-2016