How we make a prototype ?

In case you’re concerning about the process about making a prototype, please follow our step to take a visit in our workshop, we will show you how does a perfect prototype being made from original artworks.


Step 1, Our graphic specialist will get all artworks composed according to actual die cut arrangement and place appropriate amount on a standard paper.



Step 2, Use our mighty printer to get amazing print sheets on corresponding paper or cardstock, the color of printer is preset to make your prototype closed to final production 95-98%.2



Step 3, Our engineer will take narrow examination on each components to make sure the size is correct also to confirm every image matches its original position, anything against the specification will be sorted out and improved before production.



Step 4, Surface coating, this will go exactly the same as what will be done in production, in order to avoid any deviations.



Step 5, Final die cutting and forming, all these process are done by our engineer manually, with their experience and perfect workmanship, your prototype will turn out perfectly as your expectation.



Want to get a professional prototype done for your game? Just send us the file and KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSS, you will receive a perfect sample within 2 weeks! (Another 3 to 5 days for delivery by courier.) Please contact our sales team for detail.


Post time: 01-07-2016