Essen Wrap Up

Essen Spiel’18 was a blast! We had an amazing time interacting with many board game enthusiasts and game designers in the making. The passion and energy at the event was definitely contagious.





Not only was it hype, we received a heap of constructive feedback and an overwhelmingly positive response from the community about DK2. Our team will use them to further refine and finetune in order to deliver the best possible DK2 to you.

















































Don’t let the hype end here! Join us on our Designer Kit group, a platform created for discussion among game creators and enthusiasts alike.

We hope that through this platform we can expand the community and create conducive environment for designers to really push forward their ideas.

As some of you may already know, DK2 is coming to Kickstarter. While we are still in the midst of finetuning, we want to hear your feedback!
What do you want and not want to see?
How can we further improve from the first Designer Kit?
What are some of the tips you want to share when it comes to game design?
Who knows, your input could make a difference to an aspiring designer in the future!

Don’t hesitate to drop your feedback here:
or email us at

Finally, we hope you had some of your queries addressed and had as much fun as we did during Essen Spiel’18! We hope to see even more of you at future events and stay tuned by following us on Facebook and Twitter!


Post time: 10-30-2018