We Are In Essen–2016

Goodbye Spiel! Goodbye Messe Essen!

Spiel 2016 is in the history books: The world’s largest trade fair for toys and games and offers the unique opportunity to receive full and detailed information on the complete national and international games offer, where over 174,000 people converge on Essen!

Thanks for all that visited, communicated with us, and thanks to all of you who are reading this and giving us the support!

WinGo is professional card game and board game manufacturer since 1992, so we meet many customers which have booth in Essen. Thanks Spiel Essen 2016 give us the opportunity to communicate with our customers face to face!

Goodbye Spiel! Goodbye Messe Essen! Hope to see you all next year!



Day 4 – A Successful Day!

Because this is really what Essen is about: meeting people. Meeting partners for possible distribution in other countries, meeting shop owners, board game artists and journalists, meeting board game designers and getting to know their interesting new designs and last but not least meeting fans who want to play our games. You all are the reasons why we love to make games.

We had so much fun at Spiel Essen this year that we promised other designers and publishers that we will be back again the next year!

Messe Spiel_WinGo_001 Messe Spiel_WinGo_002 Messe Spiel_WinGo_004 Messe Spiel_WinGo_003


Day 3 – A Great Day!

Hello everybody, welcome to Day 3 of this year’s SPIEL!

We’ve had a great thirst day at Essen 2016!

We are also pleased to announce WinGo booked the big center booth of UK Game Expo 2017 today!

Messe Spiel_WinGo_01

Messe Spiel_WinGo_02

Meeting friends, playing and testing thousands of games and novelties together with gamers from all over the world!

Messe Spiel_WinGo_03

Make up your own mind about the quality of the international gaming market and feel free to make your games!

Our booth 7-F103 is waiting for you!

Messe Spiel_WinGo_04

Messe Spiel_WinGo_05

Messe Spiel_WinGo_06

Messe Spiel_WinGo_07

Messe Spiel_WinGo_08

Messe Spiel_WinGo_09


Day 2 – Awesome!

Meet and play with likeminded people from all over the world

This game fair is the perfect place for playing your favorite games and discovering new ones with people that are as passionate about games as you are. And they come from all corners of the world to share this amazing experience with you. It’s time to forge new friendships and unforgettableMesse Spiel_WinGo_01Messe Spiel_WinGo_02Messe Spiel_WinGo_03Messe Spiel_WinGo_04

 Play and test thousands of new games

Spiel Essen is the place where you have the opportunity to test over thousands of games for the very first time. And this year it is rumored to be not less than 1500! That are just about enough games to keep you occupied until next year!

Messe Spiel_WinGo_05

Messe Spiel_WinGo_07 Messe Spiel_WinGo_08


Learn how to create and launch your own board game or card game

Maybe you always had a crazy idea for a board game but you had no clue where to begin? Well, this might be the perfect place to find the information you are looking for-WinGo booth 7-F103! Bring your game to the world!

Messe Spiel_WinGo_09



Day 1 - Huge success!

The great show is beginning, we arrive on time and light up the showcase, get ready for the big day! Messe Spiel_WinGo_001Messe Spiel_WinGo_002Messe Spiel_WinGo_003

Customers approaching, keep talking about the production process and answering the questions they have for manufacturing.Messe Spiel_WinGo_004Messe Spiel_WinGo_005Messe Spiel_WinGo_006

Many customers and friends came for visit on day1. They also enjoy the play test of the new game – Lawless Empire, this is one great game to watch.Messe Spiel_WinGo_007


Day 0 - Set Up…

WinGo Games attends the great event of tabletop games in Essen, German – SPIEL 2016, our crews woke up at 3:50 am to prepare schedules and plans for the show.Messe Spiel_WinGo_01

After 6 hours driving from Berlin to Essen, we finally reach our destination – MESSE ESSEN. Many game companies arrived earlier to set up their booth.Messe Spiel_WinGo_04

WinGo caught the tail and started working on the stand.

Messe Spiel_WinGo_06Messe Spiel_WinGo_03Messe Spiel_WinGo_05

Remember our booth number – 7-F103, let’s talk and bring your game to the world. See you tomorrow!Messe Spiel_WinGo_02

Post time: 07-21-2016