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In order to save customers’ production cost, except normal printing game components, WinGo also keeps an eye on other game pieces made from different material like custom wooden piece, rubber parts and cloth bags, especially plastic miniature, besides, we are available to provide standard game pieces such as plastic dice, sand timers, tokens, chess pieces, acrylic gems and etc.

Speaking of plastic miniatures, we are not new to plastic miniature development & production. Up to now, we have created more than 100 sets of mold. What’s more, we have specialist in this line, before WinGo we have member worked for The Character UK (They are doing lots of different plastic miniatures such as Lord of the ring, Star War etc top brand in the world.) for more than 6 years. Therefore, WinGo team have rich experience on product development, production and quality control for plastic miniature and other plastic products.

Do you already have game pieces? Our team can provide the necessary assembling for anything your project needs.