Process of Board Game Printing

Question on Board Game Printing? How to create a professional board game? How does it work out? What is the best way to print your board game? Contact WinGo!

WinGo is a major manufacturer and printing company in the gaming industry, hence we have all the equipment and expertise gained from over the past 25 years to produce all your board game needs to the highest industry standards.

Use your own art graphics for all elements of your games- boards, cards, game pieces and more! Please follow our step to take a visit in our workshop, we will show you how does a perfect board game being made from original artworks.

1. Printing:  Offset printing is the most common method for mass production.

2. Surface coating:  All printed sheets must be covered or coated by lamination or oil, to protect the color and material before mounted onto the cardboard. Poker oil varnish makes the best touch on playing cards. Matt lamination to prevent your game board from light reflecting. Foil stamping and linen finish will make your game more attractive, just try different coating for your game.

3. Cutting:  Many board games use several die-cut punch-boards (also sometimes called ‘mats’ in the industry) for game tokens and counters. Both sides of the punch board are covered with printed paper, mounted in perfect registration, and the resulting sandwich will be cut by a mold accurately.

4. Assembling:  Gather all components such as game board, playing cards, dice, meeples, miniatures, rules and so on into the box and put shrink wrap on it.

5. Packing and Delivery:  Package the game and deliver to customers’ agent or fulfillment center, or try our own fulfillment service!

You are welcome to send your inquiry with full specifications and expected quantity to our sales team, we will come back to you with best suggestions on materials for your consideration.

Post time: 07-21-2016