About Us



Founded in 1992, WinGo Industry Ltd. is a leading table game factory in China and has more than 20 years’ experience in printing board games, card games, plastic miniatures and other game accessories for customers around the world. We producing more than 200 games every year. Our state of the art 4600 square meter factory is located in HuiZhou, GuangDong province, China, employing more than 150 board game veteran staff members dedicated to production, quality management, customer service, and project management. Offering “one stop” service, we not only provide complete service pack for your projects, but also help you with product development, artwork design, product prototypes,and certification, manufacturing, shipment and more.



Our 20+ years of award-winning board game manufacturing experience and strict quality control (QC) ensure your products are made accurately to your specifications. Each project has an experienced QC team dedicated to ensure the product quality meets the client requirement & international safety &environmental standards. We provide all pre-production testing including print layout, film output, print process, surface treatment, etc. Thereafter we’ll create a sample of the final product and send to you for review and feedback. Our QC team meticulously reviews the products throughout production. After a final inspection in accordance with our quality control system and a third party inspection involved as requested, your products will be ready for shipment.
We know that it is important to get your games made and sent to your customers timely, so that there is no any costly delay. Our strict production management processes and dedicated project staff allow us to produce your game in a short time, but never compromise with product quality. In addition, our long term freight forwarder works closely with us to offer optimized shipping solutions to ensure your games reach your customers on time with competitive costs and premier service.

We understand your project contains valuable intellectual property. Only assigned team members who are dedicated to your project are given the essential information to complete your project. Local inspectors ensure production and information has been given to us by our clients to ensure full compliance with intellectual property. Any confidential information is either destroyed or returned to you after production.

Our reputation is built upon providing superior quality products at affordable prices and world class customer service. In order to provide continuing excellent production services for our customers, WinGo frequently invest in new equipment to ensure our state of the art capabilities and superior quality game manufacturing. We always utilize modern production machinery including:

•    MAN Roland 4-color and 2-color print machine push CTP system

•    Polar paper guillotine

•    Card board lamination

•    Creasing and cutting machine

•    Automatic die cutting machine

•    Gluing machine

•    Power corner cutting machine

•    UV oil-passing polishing dual machine and varnishing machine

•    Wire multi-hole punching machine

•    Wire pressing machine

•    Shrink wrap machine

•    Plastic injection machine

•    Dehumidifier

•    Shrink wrap machine

•    3D plastic printer