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WinGo Industry Ltd was founded in 1992 and has over 20 years’ experience in making board games, card games, puzzles, and education kits. We offer “one-stop” service including product concept development, artwork design, sampling, certification, production, shipment and more. If you’re looking for a reliable and reputable manufacturer, let’s talk – request a quote or view our gallery!!!!
  • Looking forward to meeting you at Gen Con, Essen and so on in 2016

    Looking forward to meeting you at Gen...

    Looking forward to meeting you at Gen Con, Essen and so on in 2016. In order to have more interactive communications with our clients and know more about the current status of the tabletop game industry. As usual, WinGo Games will attend...Read More>>

  • Let WinGo pack and ship your games – Fulfillment by WinGo

    Let WinGo pack and ship your games – ...

    Recently, many publishers are launching their games on a crowdfunding platform to promote their new games. In the meanwhile, fulfillment is one of the most headaches. If you choose WinGo as your trusted manufacturer, you will never have ...Read More>>



    More customers’ Kickstarter campaign were funded recently, WinGo is proud of being part of customer’s project team, here they are: DISTURBED FRIENDS, POSTHUMAN,NOVA CRY, Alienation, SHADOWSTAR – CORSAIRS and so on… Following are so...Read More>>

  • What was board game process like, designing and manufacturing?

    What was board game process like, des...

    Just like Jacob’s testimonials, even they were doing some new things we hadn’t done before, and always checking with the engineering team when there were specific details needing our input. Even with the 12-hour time zone differen...Read More>>

WinGo Games

For more than 20 years, WinGo Games has produced Western quality board games for North American and European markets. Our state of the art 4600 square meter factory is located in in the city of HuiZhou of the GuangDong province in China employing 150 board game veteran staff members dedicated to production, quality management, customer service, and project management.


WinGo’s Service

We provide complete services for your board game, card games, puzzles, and plastic accessories projects. We can also help you with product development, artwork design, product prototypes, and manufacturing.

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